Flavour + Fragrance Ingredients
  Aroma chemicals ( synthetical)
  Essential oil
  Aroma chemicals (natural)
  Essential oil (China)
Food additives
  New functional food ingredients
  Food additives
Natural Food Colour
Natural Ingredients(Botanical Extract)
  Hot Product
  Standardized Botanical Extract
  Plant growth regulator
Fine chemicals
Cosmetic Ingredients
  Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
  Pharmaceutical Intermediates
Electron and Hole Transport Material
We provide custom synthesis and contract manufacturing from milligrams to metric tonnes, we can provide good service on quality and new products development according to customers requirements , especially in pharmaceutical intermediates .

Factory facilities capacity & Specialized reaction types:
Reaction temperature : 260℃ — -80℃
Reaction pressure : 0.1MPa — 10mmHg, 10 MPa(in Lab)

Reaction available :
Sulphur ,Heterocyclic chemistry
Chiral chemistry
Unsymmetry catalytic hydrogenation reaction
Low temperature reaction
N-BuLi reaction
Ozone oxidation reaction

Special equipments:
Low temperature reaction equipment without water or oxygen (cooled with liquid nitrogen )
Ozone oxidation reaction equipments (O3 4kg/h)
Adding pressure catalytic hydrogenation reaction equipments (60kg/cm2 , 100kg/cm2, 200kg/cm2 in lab)
Membrane isolation, condensation
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